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Our Services

ExoHawk™ Security-as-a-Service

A continuous dynamic risk monitoring SaaS solution for active cloud and on-premise infrastructures.  This service is comprised of automated alerting and intelligent targeted scanning combined with an elite team of security experts who continuously monitor and probe your environment for weaknesses.  Extend your information security, risk, and compliance organizations with ExoHawk™.

> exosphere:  the outermost layer of atmosphere before interplanetary space.

> hawk:  a bird with extraordinary vision.                                                                       

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an integral part of any information security  program and should be conducted on a periodic basis to comply with regulatory and governance requirements.  Penetration testing is the live testing of a computing environment to assess the defenses on the network and to identify areas for security improvement.  80/20 Labs has experience conducting penetration tests at many of the Fortune 500. 

Cyber Hygiene Enhancement

Risks come in many forms, but 20 years of experience in the information security field have shown that the majority of breaches are due to poor cyber hygiene.  Missing patches, shared passwords, complex group membership, poor share permissions...all organizations battle these issues on a daily basis.  Resource constraints and technological sprawl make them difficult to manage.  80/20 Labs has designed careful and intelligent processes to analyze your environment and enhance your cyber hygiene.

Cyber Services

Information Assurance and Auditing

80/20 Labs has partnered with auditing organizations for years to deliver high impact, actionable results in the information security and general computer controls space.

Layered Defense Testing

Phishing exercises consistently demonstrate that there will always be individuals who access the link or open the document.  Our Layered Defense Testing methodology determines what happens After the Click.

Incident Response

80/20 Labs can augment your incident response teams with out-of-the-box thinking and deep analysis.

Professional Training

80/20 Labs has delivered training and mentoring services to multiple organizations. Participants have consistently stated that the training programs have been some of the best learning experiences they have encountered.

Meet the Team

James Nichols

James Nichols is the founder and managing principal of 80/20 Labs with over eighteen years of information security experience.  James is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the firm and ensuring utmost client satisfaction.  He holds a track record of delivering reliable service across multiple facets of security including penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, application security, incident response, and secure architecture. Prior to starting 80/20 Labs, Nichols served as a security director at Viacom where he drove security across products and infrastructure for brands such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, and Comedy Central.  Before joining Viacom, James was a senior consultant at PwC where he led teams providing information security and assurance services to top brands and large government agencies.

Trusted Advisors

Founded in 2005, 80/20 Labs is a private LLC consulting firm with many years of experience across multiple industries.  We have deep expertise in all facets of information security and systems auditing.  

80/20 Labs is comprised of individuals from leading consulting companies around the world.  Our consultants all have CISSP certifications as well as experience with the Big 4 accounting firms.

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